The Past Comes to Life

As we were leaving the Greeley Stampede a woman, dressed in clothes from the 1800’s, approached us.  She handed us a flyer saying that with our paid ticket from the Stampede, we’d be able to get into the Centennial Village 4th of July weekend celebration.  Heck yeah!  I had already planned on making that one of the places that I would visit while exploring my new city.  And who could pass up FREE (even though it’s inexpensive normally).

An excerpt taken from their website, “This 7 acre Living History museum allows visitors to encounter the past as in was over 100 years ago. Over two dozen historic structures and lush historic gardens await your exploration. Visit the Village where grand houses, businesses, and animals from the past make their home.  Walk out onto the Prairie and visit the Home of Rattlesnake Kate and the Indian Tipis.”

The particular weekend that we visited, they had all sorts of cool activities:  Gunfights, Pony (horse) Rides, Stagecoach Rides, a Historic Baseball Game that you could join (and they gave you an old-time baseball card which had the directions to the game printed on the back), Hatchet Throwing, a Garden Party (watermelon, cookies, and lemonade were served), Printing Press Demonstrations, Chuckwagon, and other historic games.  Besides all of that, you could walk around the grounds for a self-guided tour.

Thanks to my moms love of history and ‘working farms’ – she volunteered at one herself for many years – I had seen a few in my lifetime.  I honestly believe that this was one of the best displays that I have seen.  It has many buildings, much to look at and read (I left some reading for my next visit.), some things are hands on, and they have several events throughout the year.

I had originally taken double the amount of pictures than I will show you here.  While researching the village, I had come across a few websites that had many of the same pictures that I was going to show you (a different angle of course).  Instead, for the most part, I will share with you some of my more ‘creative’ images.  Plus – I don’t want to ruin your visit there.  I  want there to be surprises.  oo’s and ah’s!

We arrived 10 minutes before they opened – we were the first one’s there…

I actually had seen this photo on another site, but I too thought it was pretty neat.  This is the inside of the roof of the granery (that's how they spell it - I would think it's grainery)

I actually had seen this photo on another site, but I too thought it was pretty neat. This is the inside of the ceiling of the granary.

When I got home and down loaded my CF card, I was so tickled with this following picture!  I l-o-v-e-d how you could see the reflection of the flowers in the windows!  It was almost like it was just the front of the building and the flowers were in the back.  It seemed like it could be a trick of the eye because of the dark interior.  I L-O-V-E-D it!  And then I saw the reflection of the man.  😦     Not worth it to Photoshop out!  I will definitely try to get this shot again on another visit.


10 thoughts on “The Past Comes to Life

  1. Carol. I loved meeting you welcome to Greeley! Great picture of me firing. Please contact us at the museum, we love your work!!!
    Bill Armstrong, Curator

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