My Self-Imposed Photography Challenge

Since I’ve been a little idle the last couple of days, I thought I would share with you another thing that I’m VERY proud of.  Starting January 1, 2011, I put a self-imposed A to Z Photography Challenge upon myself.  The plan was to do one letter a day.  That is extremely tough!  Besides one family emergency, I did keep up that pace.  I also did not start out with a list of what I would do.  There was no plan.  The night before, and sometimes that day, I would think of what I would do for that particular letter.  At one point, I even had to go to the dictionary to get my brain going!  I would talk to myself while driving saying things like, “N – nail, nat, etc.”

It’ll be more interesting and humorous, if you can look at all 26 days of the challenge individually, so that you can read about the hurdles that I had to overcome with each letter.  After reading the first post, you can click on the ‘newer post’ link at the bottom of each post.  The posts are very short – it won’t take you long!  Towards the middle of the alphabet, you’ll find about five posts scattered throughout that aren’t part of the challenge.  Just keep hitting the ‘newer post’ button.  Here’s the link to Day 1 –

If you don’t have time to look at each day, this is the summary without the humor and stories –

Please enjoy!  I put a ton of time into this project – literally several hours each day!


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