Two Mike’s

Since moving to Colorado a little over a month ago, I have ‘bumped’ in to two fellow WordPress bloggers that happen to live in my new town.  One, I met up with yesterday (along with my son), so that he could show us a bit of the area.  The other person I will be meeting up with tomorrow!  They are the first two people that I will have hung out with since moving here.

Am I crazy?  In this day and age, with all the violence in the world and always hearing ‘stranger danger’ on the news, I decide to meet up with two strangers in one week!  But hey, occasionally I’ll see a post on someone elses blog where they mention that they got together with another blogger.  So it’s not unheard of.

The first person is Mike.  He invited me, via a post comment, to meet for coffee some time.  I was a little uneasy about it even though very interested to see new places, so I politely wrote back, “Coffee – yuck!”  Then I thought to myself, hey why not start a photography group with people in this area?  We can all share a common interest.  With more people, it wouldn’t just be one-on-one and it would be safer.  So I invited Rachel, a local college student.  She was excited about the idea!  Then Mike politely begged out.  He’s basically a guy who is set in his ways and likes to head out on the open road independently.  I can understand that.  I am actually pretty independent myself.  While living in Florida, I mainly hung out with relatives.

Well, I had a real dilema.  I still wanted to meet with Mike (and he still wanted to get together – just not join a ‘club’), but would I be safe (Again, the photographer in me wanted her way, so she was devising a way for it to work.  A way to push the fear aside.).  So she (I) decided to have my 16-year-old son come with us.  He hasn’t met anyone yet, and spends a lot of time at home.  This would be good for both of us  – as long as we survived of course!  I even went to the extent to text Mike’s blog link to my husband so that he’d be able to show the police – just in case!

So yesterday arrived.  My son and I ran a few errands, and then just before having to meet up with Mike, stopped at Carl’s Jr.  As we pulled in to the parking lot, I saw this guy about to hop on to a bicycle.  He looked A LOT like the guy we were going to meet.  I thought, “What a coincidence that we both stopped here first!” and told my son to pull over.  I jumped out of the truck and yelled over to the guy, “Are you Mike?”  He said yes, with a little slur in his voice.  I was ready to hit the road if it was him.  I yelled over, “Who am I?”  “Are you supposed to be meeting with someone now?”  Thankfully he didn’t know who I was, but amazingly, his name was Mike too!  We ended our conversation with him saying that it was nice to meet me anyway!  Phew!  My son was very proud of me for not giving away my name, and holding out to see if the guy was the right guy.  With heart beating fast, I had my son drive around to the other side of the restaurant, and we ran in real quick to get my son some breakfast.

At 10:30am, we met up at the designated place.  Thinking back, I was still a little nuts!  Most people would have parked and gotten out of the vehicle, then sat down for a short spell with a stranger before inviting them into their vehicle.  Since he had a motorcycle with him (Also called a bike – so you can see where it could have been the other Mike!), we agreed we’d ride together in my truck.  But I’m not what you would call normal.  I rolled down my window and yelled out, “Mike?”  He said yes.  I said, “Do you want us to park, or do you just want to hop in?”  He hopped in.  Thinking back, AGAIN, what would the chances have been that he was another guy named Mike, but also not the right one?  Hmm…maybe I’ll ask for a social security # or drivers license # next time…  The poor guy though!   He must have thought that I was a loon.  Leading up to our meeting, we had sent a few emails back and forth and I was trying, in my own unique way, to explain to him about my weariness to meet up with a stranger, mentioning things like John Wayne Gacy, (Being from a suburb of Chicago, his movie was played often on TV and my husband watched it every single time it was on.  I realize that Gacy went ‘the same way’, but he’s all that came to mind at the time.), what if he had a daughter…even asking him if he was a weirdo!! :O   The huge cojones I have!  Having a cop as a father, and my husband being the way he is, who could blame a girl!  When I went to Mexico City last year, my husband actually told me to bring…I’m not going to finish that thought, but you can read about all the negative things that people were saying to me (to scare me from going on that trip), in some old blog posts that I wrote: .  But in that situation, the photographic possibilities and love for travel and adventure won over.

Well Mike (the second one), turned out to be a very nice man.  He showed us the small, little town of Gill.  We also stopped by a local park that I’d been wanting to check out for portrait sessions.  We had no awkward silences in our conversation.  There was plenty to talk about.  He is also a dog lover, loves to camp, and loves his family.  With photography, we have a lot in common.  He takes wonderful pictures – that was the draw for me – I wanted to check out some of the fantastic locations that he goes to capture his images.

We had a nice time and I now have my first friend in my new town.  Thanks Mike! (I know he will be reading this! We talked a bit about the other Mike. lol)  When I meet up with Rachel tomorrow, I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a big guy named Bubba! lol  I was going to go alone, but my son said that he needs to go with me ‘just in case’.  What a good boy!

Here’s a picture from the little town of Gill – I will share more in the days to come:

An abandoned General Store


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