While driving around with fellow blogger Mike #2 the other day (Bubba – I mean Rachel – fell through today.  Actually I fell and twisted my ankle and had to postpone), we stumbled upon this house:

We had been exploring the small town of Gill, Colorado (LOVE Wikepedia, but not a whole heck of a lot of info on this town, which tells you how small it is.).  It’s not that the house itself stuck out from all the other homes around it.  The sign in the front yard is what drew my attention.  When I see something peculiar, I feel the need to photograph it.

I liked this side of the sign better.  It had more character.  The writing on the other side was more uniform.  If you’ve read earlier posts of mine, I come for a suburban community of Chicago, IL.  I didn’t see things like this in neighborhoods unless it was a lemonade stand or something like that.  It turns out, paletas, are popsicles.  The word is Latin American for ice pop.

How did we find this out?  One of the boys who lived there came out to question what we were doing.  I explained that I just moved here and liked their sign and wanted to photograph it.  He asked us if we wanted to buy anything.  Inside, I wanted to, but the stranger danger fear was there.  Was it safe?  Mike #2 felt the same thing, but he has no fear.  So we said we would and walked over to the side of the house to make a purchase.  We were invited in.  :O  Mike walked all the way in.  As I walked in, I glanced back at my son who had moved the truck into the driveway.  I gave him a smile.  At first, I stood by the door with it cracked open – just in case!

Inside was a mother getting lunch or dinner ready, a cute five-year old girl, and two teenage (I think) boys.  They motioned for us to go into the dining room which held a freezer (One like you would find in a gas station, where the glass on top slides to the side and has ice cream in it.) so that we could pick out what we wanted.  Inside was an assortment of items that you could buy off an ice cream truck or from a 7-11.  There were the ice pops in various flavors and ice cream cups in various flavors.  I chose a banana paletas and Mike had an ice cream cup.  It really did hit the spot on a hot day.

This is the view of the nondescript street:

If you are ever in Gill, think about stopping by this family and making a purchase!  From looking at the number on their house, and the sign on the street corner, I would say that their address is 27059 7th Avenue.  Tell them that the people with the cameras sent you!


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