A Shoot with ‘R’ | Greeley and Northern Colorado Portrait Photographer

I had the honor of photographing a fellow blogger last night.  We went to a few of my new favorite spots, and despite the drizzle, we ended up with some fabulous images!  She’s got amazing eyes…

When we reached this particular destination, she was a sport.  Actually, she led the way!  I had found this cool location which used to be a working farm – it had the old barn, out houses (not bathrooms!), etc.  I knew that it had ONE wire going across the driveway area, but upon closer inspection when we got there, there were actually TWO wires – and they looked electrical!  We didn’t hear the buzzing sound associated with electricity, and we didn’t think that they were.  There was not one single ‘no trespassing sign anywhere to be found.

So ‘R’ takes the lead and finds a spot that we can do the belly crawl under!  I still consider myself a spring chicken so what the heck!  What’s a bummer is that this won’t be a spot that I can bring just anybody to.  Can you envision me bringing a 90-year-old grandmother and asking her to get down on all fours and crawl?  I guess I’ll just have to save it for the young one’s (or young at heart who are up for it.)

I absolutely love the above picture!

Greeley and Northern Colorado Portrait Photographer

We hope you enjoyed these portrait images captured by Carol Dunnigan Photography.  Carol Dunnigan Photography is a Greeley and Northern Colorado portrait photography company who also covers other nearby locations.

Getting your portrait photography and event photography done by Carol Dunnigan Photography of Greeley and Northern Colorado, you will be transported into a world of uniqueness.  The individualized and customized customer service that you get can’t be compared to other local photographers in Greeley and Northern Colorado.

Carol Dunnigan Photography is conveniently located in Greeley in Northern Colorado, but will travel to other locations for your portrait photography and event photography needs.


2 thoughts on “A Shoot with ‘R’ | Greeley and Northern Colorado Portrait Photographer

  1. You got some great portraits of pretty eyes! Now, I know what the title of your blog really means. How about testing that wire with a screwdriver or something? Bet it isn’t hot. 🙂

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