Point of No Return

Let me preface this post by saying that my husband is an awesome, awesome truck driver – bar none – hands down.  And I’m not just saying that because he is my husband.  He can do what a lot of drivers cannot (maneuvers, etc.).  And if you know me, you know that I don’t sugar coat things or ever exaggerate.  So now I can tell my story and you can know where I’m coming from without thinking “he…stinks”.

While we were out for a drive one evening, my husband was showing our son and I a few sights.  Earlier in the week, he had come home from work saying that he had to get towed, and he wanted to show us the spot.  As we pulled off the main road, he started to show us his tire marks.  We weren’t even at the bad section yet!  As we were getting ready to hop back into our truck to continue, I told them that I wanted to get a shot with my cell phone (At this point I hadn’t taken my camera out of my backpack, although I wish I would have!)

I don’t know.  I just thought this was a neat shot.  Again, hello, suburban girl here!  I loved how the stream/river curved with the road.

This was a ‘road’ (if you can call it that) that a semi-tractor trailer should have never been down.  Because of company directions/GPS, he (my husband) DID end up down this road for about a mile – at night.  It’s not uncommon for his destination to be down a road like this, so it wasn’t that strange.

This is a little further down the road:

Although my husband DOES exaggerate and told us that it was a six-foot drop (and actually, maybe it was), it was not a good situation.  He was smart enough to know he needed help and to get a tow truck.

We drove further down the road, looking for a place to turn around.  Our son, who just has a learners permit, was at the wheel.  My husband told him to drive down that hill and turn around.  I envisioned us tipping over:

If you remember from an earlier post, Carol does not do rides!  Carol does not go four-wheeling!  I know. you don’t consider this four-wheeling.  To me it was!

The reason we were out of the truck was so that I could take a few more pictures:

Dry, dry, dry! – Do you see the paw print at the bottom?

I thought this image was pretty cool!  And we were bookin’ down this road (again – no private property signs!).


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