Relaxation and Beauty

My husband and I took our 20th Wedding Anniversary and made it into a week-long vacation several years ago.  We went to Sebastian Inlet State Park in Florida.  This was near the beginning of my photography career – the time where I took it more seriously and looked for composition, etc.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the trip:

Sea Grapes

If you love fishing, surfing, camping – the peaceful life – this is one place you have to go.  The campground side is on an inlet where you can actually see manatee at times.  And we did – for a brief second.  The water was very murky from a recent tropical storm.  Believe it or not and to my major disappointment, after living in FL for 20 years, I never really got a chance to see a manatee up close!  Bummer!

If you go to the other side, you’ve got the Atlantic Ocean.  The above picture was taken early one morning as a storm was rolling in. You can see more pictures (of the campsites, etc.) from our trip here.  Watch out for Summer and early Fall.  The no-see-ums are annoying.  One way to keep them at bay is wind.  If you have a fan faced towards you, you’re golden!

For fun, we found this NEAT sports bar – but it’s more than that.  Capt Hirams is even an Inn and it’s all on a beautiful river.  We had absolutely no satellite reception at the camper, and my husband didn’t want to miss a Chicago Bears football game, so we found this place.  They have many different little bar areas.  Some are covered.  Some are out in the open.  Some have a sandy ground.  They’ve got TV’s all over the place for game days.  They’ve got live music.  This is an excerpt taken from their website: “Capt Hiram’s is a fun, relaxed waterfront beach resort located in Sebastian Florida with a riverfront seafood restaurant, Bahamian-style SandBar, Boatique gift shop, and marina nestled on the Intracoastal Waterway.”  We had a wonderful time there and would not hesitate to go back if we’re ever in the area again.

What absolutely sucks is that my computer crashed a few years ago and I lost many, many pictures along with some from this trip.  Surprisingly, I don’t have them on my old blog.  I may have them on DVD, but sorry, I’m not digging into them.  Yes, I have learned and now am backed up the wazoo!  This is the only image I have from there.  This trip was my first attempt at being creative as you can also see in the image with the water and bike leaning against the railing (above):


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