A Man and His Chaos

My husband was always visiting this certain speed shop to buy auto parts, etc.  One day I joined him.  We pulled up to this strip mall, walked in the door of Bobby Watts Speed Shop, and I was all of a sudden closed in by boxes from floor to ceiling.  If I moved an inch or so in either direction, I would have walked into them!  When we got to the back, where the owner sits in his chair and conducts business, I was just floored by the chaos!  And don’t make a mistake about it, this man can find ANYTHING.  He’s old school.  He has never touched a computer.  He doesn’t have a fax machine and he doesn’t take credit cards.  Somehow he has his own system that seems to work.

After my husband introduced us and we talked for a bit (this very nice man REALLY likes to talk), I asked him if it would be ok for me to bring my camera back one day.  I told him that I really wanted to take a portrait of him in his work environment.  It was cute.  He kind of acted like I thought he was a movie star.  I think it was only a day or so later when I made it back to take the pictures.  This is what I left with:

OK, I don’t delete anything anymore, but a while back I must have deleted a certain picture that I took.  It showed a close-up of plastic utensils that were being used as ‘book marks’ in his piles of paperwork!  Can you see why I needed to capture these images?


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