Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmmm!

(Images taken with my cell phone.)

I was in our downtown area because I had a meeting with one of the organizations.  Since I’m so new to the area, I was literally circling blocks trying to figure out where I should park. By a happy accident, I parked a block over.  When my meeting was over, I started to look around my surroundings – it’s all new to me.  I wanted to look around for possible portrait locations to use for client portraits.

I started photographing this beautiful building, then noticed a sign for one of the businesses that reside in it.  Batter Up Cakes & Pastries.  I wanted to wander downstairs anyway, because it was such a cute setting, but I also was drawn to it knowing that there was a bakery downstairs.  How neat!  Florida doesn’t have upstairs and downstairs like this.

And isn’t this a cute area to sit in when the weather is nice (which I’m sure is probably 3/4 of the year)?

Immediately upon walking in, I fell in love with the place – before even trying any of their goodies.  It has such a wonderful atmosphere.  It looks like a great place to sit and spend time by yourself or with friends.  It bet it would be a really cozy place to go on a cold Winters day.  And I LOVE the ceilings!

They’ve got cute, comfy little sitting areas…

They even have board games if you’re interested in playing.  They also mentioned that they have live music there on every first Friday evening:

So I introduced myself, asked them if I would be able to leave some of my business cards there (I’ve got a 50% off portrait session fee going on until the end of August – you need to book by the end of August.), and started to scope out their display cases.  My favorite baked good jumped out at me!  I love, love, love lemon bars (I guess I should have put that into my previous post where I listed the foods I love.).  As a young girl, my mom tried so hard to get me to like baking.  She taught me how to make a few things, and lemon bars were one of them.   Sorry – I’d rather buy them!

I told the girl behind the counter that I’d take one, and she saw that I was holding my credit card and said that they had a $5 minimum for credit cards purchases.  So, no problem.  I started to look for other goodies to bring home to my husband and son.  What I SHOULD have done was buy myself more lemon bars!  My intention was to bring it home and have with a nice glass of milk.  What I actually DID was eat it on my way home.  😦    I wanted more!  This is definitely a place that I will return to.  Check them out if you’re ever in the area.

Here’s a picture of my purchase and an update on it.  I got the brownie for my husband (no nuts) and the cinnamon roll from my son.  My husband took a bite and ‘said’ he didn’t like it.  He has a screw loose because he is very picky!  I was excited about it because I also took a bite and Y-U-M.  Today I went to look for the remainders of it and I couldn’t find it.  I asked my husband about it and he said he ate it because it was good.  Ya gotta understand that he was doing great on his diet until we got to CO!  I think he was trying to be good.  Well, brownie gone, still had the cinnamon roll that my son hadn’t gotten a chance to get to.  Of course I had to try that too!  When I opened up the container, there was a piece missing.  I asked who took a bite.  My husband commented he did.  He wanted to try it.  We both ended up sitting at the table with a glass of milk and polishing it off!  Snooze ya lose!


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