Boy, it really seems like we’ve been going to out eat a lot.  Maybe because we are!  Have I ever told you that I hate to be in the kitchen?  We were ‘searching’ for steak places in Greeley that we’d never been to, and came across the Outback Restaurant & Pub at Boomerang Links and were pleasantly surprised.  While we lived in Florida, we had also had dinner several times at a local golf course there, and liked it just as much.   There is no dress code (as many of you would have guessed, but we weren’t sure – but clothing is required lol), the prices are very reasonable, and the staff did a great job and was very friendly.  We had Kristina as a server and she commented that she was there just about every day – so ask for her if you go!

I actually don’t think I was cold this time (I’m ALWAYS cold), but we chose to eat outdoors to enjoy the beautiful evening (we were eating much later than we usually do).  Their outdoor seating looks over – not just part of the golf course – but the mountains.  And a storm was in the distance too.  Nice!

And a couple shots from inside – like I said – it was pretty late for dinner…

I’m glad we tried it, and we will go back for sure.


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