It was a Golden day!

Since we moved to Colorado in June, my son had wanted to tour the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado.  This, being his second visit, was the perfect chance.  We set out late one Sunday morning for the hour+ drive.

We first started with the Coors tour, since they only gave tours between 12pm – 4pm on Sundays.  Then – I was hungry.  We had to eat.  So we left the truck in the Coors parking lot (which they said we could), and walked the two blocks into downtown.  We had seen the Old Capitol Grill while on the Coors bus tour through town which starts off every tour.  Being historic, I wanted to try it out.  Obviously being historic AND on the tour, it’s a popular place, but we had no problem getting a table.  Our server was extremely busy, but she still kept a friendly professional attitude (which is expected – but it’s always nice to see).  I also thought their prices were a little higher for lunch, but considering it’s a tourism place, they surprised us with very nice portions.

My fish tacos – yum!

My sons ribs (that was my 2nd choice)!

We were losing hours in the day, so we had to decide on just a couple of places to go.  While my son went back to Coors to get the truck, I asked to be left behind so that I can just take a few shots of the center of town:

I just took this one for my husband – he LOVES Mopar!

Images from Lookout Mountain to come!


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