A Golden day continued – Lookout Mountain


Luckily, the two things that we decided to do (since time was running short) were both on Lookout Mountain (Yes, there is a Lookout Mountain in TN, but they have one here too.).  WOW what a ride!  I’ve driven up mountains before, but not zig zagging – always around and round the mountain itself.  This is known as the Lariat Loop.  The speed limit was 15-20 miles an hour the whole way up with bicyclists and SKATEBOARDERS on their way up and down the mountain.  We even almost literally ran into a few deer.  These were on our way up and not really in the way, but we did pull off so that I could capture them.

Go figure.  Everything closes at 4pm.  When we got to the top, our attractions were closed, but we were still able to walk around the property.  Our first stop on Lookout Mountain was the Boettcher Mansion.  Gorgeous grounds!  They hold weddings there if you’re interested.

They also have the Nature Center adjacent to the property, but they too were closed.  Thank God their bathrooms weren’t!  In fact – a little odd fact – inside the restroom is a sign that says something like, “If you’re exiting after 11pm, push this button.” – or something to that effect.  I wouldn’t be in there that late at night, plus I think they lock the gate at a certain time.  Maybe they were referring to when people attend events there late at night.

Our last stop was the Buffalo Bill Museum & Grave.  I just can’t get over the beautiful views!  And – they have a gift shop up there with a restaurant – that serves ROOTBEER FLOATS!  Woo hoo!  Just in time for a snack!

Overlooking the town of Golden, CO and the Coors Brewery.

You can see Denver, CO in the background.

Path back down to the gift shop/restaurant.

They really do have a nice gift shop.  I actually liked it a lot more than the one at Coors.

Now I get my dessert!

I hopped out of the truck to take this shot of the cool looking road:


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