Meeting Up With Old Friends

(Images taken with my cell phone.)

After not seeing one of my very best friends and her sister for some 25 years, it was wonderful meeting up with them for lunch last week.  Just before our Junior year of high school, they had moved from Illinois (where I’m originally from) to Colorado, for their dads job.  Since their move, I had flown out once for a visit, and my friend had made it back twice.

We weren’t really sure where we should meet up.  Since we now live an hour away from each other (And I hadn’t gotten a chance to see them since we’ve been here in June – mutual friends couldn’t believe that!), I did the easiest thing.  Googled where we both live and found a place somewhere in the middle.  Hudson, Colorado won the toss.  Not a town with a whole lot of places to choose from to eat!  I found a place called The Pepper Pod Restaurant.

It seemed like a neat place to go.  A good variety of things on the menu.  Ambiance that I’d never seen in Florida restaurants.  MOST reviews were good, but like with movie reviews, I need to check a place out myself.  I don’t always agree with the ‘critics’.

We met outside and could not believe that we really didn’t change much.  Our hair cuts were pretty much the same.  My friends sisters was a little longer.  We may have gained a tad bit of weight and our faces may look a little older if you look close, but we were still the same people.

We were seated right away.  The poor waitress!  She kept coming to get our orders, but we were just yammering away.  I apologized and explained that we hadn’t seen each other in 25 years.  She got it.  When we finally ordered, and got our food, I wouldn’t let anyone take a bite until I took a quick picture of it.

I had the Turkey Melt.

The Pepper Pod Restaurant, Hudson, Colorado, places to eat, good food, images, historic, photography, photographer

I was hoping that they’d like their food, and the place, as much as I did or I wouldn’t be posting this!  I don’t post about places that I don’t like.  Well, you’re reading this, so that means we all liked it!

We ended up staying and chatting for two hours.  Just before we left, I told them that I just had to walk around and take a few pictures for my blog.  It’s just something that I do.  These pictures below were at 2pm.  The place was still busy.


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