I swear it was from space!

(Images taken with my cell phone.  The space item mentioned is located closer to the bottom of the page!)

Yep – we went out to eat again the other day.  This time we had a coupon for Randy’s All American Grill.  I think the coupon claimed something about ‘comfort food’.  Sounded good to me!

It’s a strip mall, so I wasn’t expecting it too be large inside.  I was wrong.  It’s quite large inside.  It looks like a fun place to watch sports.

They even have a great party area and a great outdoor seating area:

If you ‘keep up’ with me, you know that I’m big on bathrooms too.  I actually had to take pictures of this one.  Not only was it rather large from what I expected, but it was NICE:

Now, this next thing scared the crap out of me and actually made me jump – I expected (with it being circular) to pull a paper towel out of the bottom of it.  NOT.  It’s a hand dryer from another planet! lol

Enough of the decor.  We were amazed at the huge selection on the menu.  And it was just the lunch one we were looking at.  When our food arrived, we were both VERY happy with how it tasted.  And with this restaurant, they also let you choose from a nice variety of ‘sides’ to go with your sandwich.

The Chicken Rancher

The New York Deli

The big bummer was that we were too full to get a milk shake.  They have a very large selection to choose from!  We’ll go back!


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