First Snow

I have always hated the cold.  It is no secret, and I have not kept it a secret.  Having moved from Florida to Colorado this past Summer, it has been a big joke with the people that know me.  Everyone is asking how I’m doing.  Well, we just had our first snow the other day.  It was beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.

We haven’t lived near snow in 20 years (since we moved to Florida from the Chicago area).  In the Chicago Suburbs, snow gets dirty and ugly-looking after vehicles drive on them for a while.  Here, I’m told, that it snows then melts pretty quickly.  Yea!

One day I will venture out into the elements, but for now, here are some images that I took over the last two mornings from the safety and security of my home.

The puppies are sure enjoying it.  The older dogs are not hating it, but they’re not wanting to live out there either.

And then this is a keeper.  I like to share things that I see humor in.  This little guy brought me a yellow snowball.  Or so I thought.  You could see where I got that from, right?  It turned out to be his ball!


13 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. I’m with you on how beautiful snow is from the warmth of the house! Also I imagine my son will be giving me a hard time about “his” cat when he gets home from travelling. We’ll fight that battle when the time comes, but Kush the cat is such a cutie. She isn’t as keen on the snow as your dogs!

  2. Shhhh…..don’t let out our little secret to those midwesterners. Colorado winters are NOTHING like a Chicago winter. The winter here can be quite beautiful and enjoyable…..FYI, they don’t know how to plow here. So wait till the sun comes out before driving anywhere. You’ll have lots and lots of photo ops! Stock up on sweatshirts and have fun 🙂

    • Thank you so much! My son is under my desk at the moment with his husky saying, “they’re not your dogs”. I’m actually “Grandma” to those two touble makers even though my boys live with us (23 & 16). lol

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