Decking the New Halls

After living in the same house for 10 years, and then recently moving to a new state, it made me a little bummed to think about decorating for the holidays this year.  When we were in our house in Florida, I knew where every single decoration went.  The same place.  Year after year.  I left the nails in the wall.  Now we’re renting for the first time in a very long time.  Last night I got a burst of energy and brought all the boxes in from the garage.  The upside of this house is that the garage is huge and we can keep our holiday decorations close at hand.

As I was unpacking them last night, I looked around and kept commenting to my husband, “I used to put this above the double front doors.” “I used to put this above the kitchen cabinets”.  Now, I have no cut-out above the front door.  I have no space above my kitchen cabinets.  And I don’t want to put any holes in the walls (Yes, I know that I can buy those Command Strips – and I am planning on it – but they will show with some of my wall hangings and look ugly.).  Luckily, A few nails were left behind by previous tenants, and I am utilizing those to the best of my ability.

All along, there was a very strong possibility that I wasn’t even going to decorate the house this year – at least to my normal extreme (which I call Christmas puking on my house).   That was the thought last year too, and at that time, I decorated on a very small scale.  The thought process for these two years was not for the same reasons though.  Last year, we knew we’d be moving by the Summer, so packing was on the agenda.  Not unpacking holiday decorations.  This year, I blame the little bastards (can I say that here?).  It is a term we affectionately call our two one year old pups.

All the halls are now decked minus the Christmas tree, the outside lights, and ‘my guys’ (two 5′ tall nutcrackers).  We plan to go to a you-cut farm in a week or so to get one a tree.  Since I am 1/3 Clark W Griswold, I’m sure it will be an adventure!  With ‘my guys’,  I’m still not so sure about bringing those out this year.  The pups play pretty rough.  I can just imagine one of them falling over and me having a stroke!  The outside lights will get done when we buy more.  We sold our old ones at our moving sale.

Below you can see an examples of my puppy proofing.  I put all the stuffed animals – most were purchased to support Kay Jewelers  annual fundraising drive for St. Jude’s – above the front hall closet.  Also, you’ll notice the garland on the railing.  I used to hang that (with lights) above my kitchen bar in Florida.  I’d make a swag decoration with the bow in the middle, and hang Christmas cards from it.  This year, I plan to hang them on the railing.  I kind of didn’t turn out the way I envisioned, it’s more on an angle on the back side, but we’ll see.


My husband came up with the idea in this next picture:


Normally I would have those decorations displayed on end tables, etc, but before we moved to CO, we sold most of our belongings so we could travel lighter.  We plan on buying new furniture when we’re homeowners again.  So for the time being,  we’re dealing with the bare minimum.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how the house looks so far.  Now to enjoy the holidays in our new home and our new town.  The town has a bunch of neat activities that we plan to attend.

For more on our move, you can check out an old post on Settling In.


6 thoughts on “Decking the New Halls

  1. I’m officially a scrooge. I do NO holiday decorations because we’re never home. When we first moved to CO in the mid 90’s, since it was just the four of us, (extended family all in IL) we started our own family tradition of “Christmas in the mountains”. YMCA of the Rockies has a large facility north of Winter Park. They have cabins and other lodging. We would rent a cabin in the woods (dogs ok) and spend the week snowshoeing, tubing/sledding, kids skiing at Sol Vista, snowmobling the Continental Divide. It was a great time and special memories.

    Hope you enjoy the holidays in Colorado 🙂

  2. I have said it before and I will say it again. You are an amazing girl, Carol. Happy holidays to you and your whole family. The house looks good. Love Mrs F

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