Jesscia’s Session | Greeley/Northern Colorado Portrait Photographer

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I (we) had on this shoot!  My model was such a good sport with the temps only being in the 30’s.  Jesscia hadn’t gotten her portrait taken in several years, and she thought that it was about time she got new one’s done.  We went to several locations in our town.  Being new to a cold climate, I wasn’t sure what we would capture.  It was a Winter canvas without snow.  What a surprise!  I’m about to share with you my very favorite captures – and it was a hard call to make.  There are only 12 so please bear with me and enjoy!  🙂


I will be ‘shooting’ Jesscia’s boyfriend in the near future and can’t wait.  Bonus!  While uploading these images, I noticed that WordPress (my blog company) has a new, easier uploader.  Woo hoo!


17 thoughts on “Jesscia’s Session | Greeley/Northern Colorado Portrait Photographer

  1. Very pretty pictures! She’s so photogenic! I actually opened your post to see some of what Greeley looks like because my husband and I are moving to Colorado next year and we’ve been looking for rentals.. so yea a little rant! Love the pictures! Maybe we can work with you when we move out there!

      • How cool! My husband and I are in need of a major change. It’s too crowded, smoggy and cut throat in California and we just can’t seem to get a break with all the traffic and road rage. And after our visit we’re completely in love with Colorado!

        • It’s beautiful, we just havent had a chance to explore much. It’s been difficult for us. My son’s counselor and doctor say that it takes about a year for you to feel at home. 6 more months to go! lol

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