An Old Fashioned Christmas Celebration

(Images taken with a cell phone.)

My new city continues to amaze me.  Everyone I have met is warm and friendly.  This evening, my eldest son and I went on a date to our local bakery.   I’ve been to Batter Up Cakes before, and written a post about them, but I’d never been to one of their Friday night events.  The bakery has a nice, cozy feeling to it (just like I’d imagined it would be like in the Winter), with its fireplace, Christmas lights, the smell of baked goodies, and Christmas music.  Co-owners Jerri Jentz and Dan Mandt sure know how to put on an party….and the dessert is pretty good too!



There were people sitting behind me in this picture.  There were people ordering goodies by the display cases.  They had a great turn out!   We started out sitting on the floor in front of the entertainment.

Not only did they have live entertainment (as they try to do every Friday night), but they had Christmas cookie decorating for the kids,.  They also had popcorn and cranberries on hand for those who wanted to help string together garland for their Christmas tree.  This is my son giving it a whirl:


The entertainment for the night was Jona Kimbrough, her husband, and a young friend of theirs (Tyler).  They made the evening fun with Jona’s talent, her warmth and great sense of humor, and the caroling that I love to do.  The warm, fuzzy feeling that I was expecting out of the evening came true.  I wish my mom could have been in town to be there with us.


If you’re ever in the neighborhood, be sure to stop in and let them know that you heard about them through me!


5 thoughts on “An Old Fashioned Christmas Celebration

  1. Carol it was great seeing you again with more of your family. Thank you for your support. We could not be a small business without the support of our wonderful neighbors of Greeley. Have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas. i

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