2012 Reflected

I am the glass is 1/2 full kinda gal, but these are the facts.  Nothin’ but the facts! 🙂

For my family and I, the start of 2012 was filled with uncertainty. We knew that my husband would be getting a job out-of-state, we just weren’t sure where. We thought that we’d end up moving mid-school year, but thankfully for our teenaged son, we were able to wait until school finished in June.  Not only did my family move from Florida to Colorado, but I decided to also move my blog to a new host just days before the big move.  Yes, I didn’t have enough to do!  And since I was about to begin a new chapter in my life, I thought it would be fun to share it with not only my family and friends, but the world.

You can read a few funny stories and see some of the pictures that I took while we loaded the moving truck here and here .  And to make it even more fun, I decided that I would blog from the road!  I had never done that before.  Anytime we had taken a trip, I would blog when we got home.  This time, I thought it would be big fun to do it daily.  After all, besides a caravan of vehicles, we were traveling with four dogs!  It took us three days total.  You can read the posts and see the pictures by checking out Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.  I just love road trips!

We have now been in Colorado for almost seven months.  I created a post in July, Settling In, and have since added a few updates to it.  It still does not feel like ‘home’.  It feels like we’re on a long visit away from our real home.  My son’s counselor (that he needs thanks to our moving him away from the friends that he grew up with), says that it takes about 6 months to a year to have a new location feel like home – to adjust.  I don’t even think it’s the fact that we are renting at the moment.  For me, it will feel like home once I’ve made some friends.

I am a very outgoing person, but these days, I don’t get out of my pajamas much.  The Winter weather doesn’t help (brrrrr).  Not getting out is not helping to get my photography business off the ground.  In Florida, I had a part-time job that forced me to leave the house Monday through Friday.  I got out and went to functions that were held in our city.  I got out with other photographers.  We went camping or on day outings with my whole family (extended included).  Now in Colorado, my husband has a job.  My 23 yr old son has a job.  My 16 yr old son goes to school and has a job.  I sit home organizing my business on the computer and attending on-line workshops.

While planning our move, my husband had told me that I could concentrate on my photography business when we got here.  I wouldn’t need to look for other employment.  It turns that there is a photographer ‘on almost every street corner’ and  I’m the new kid on the block.  Now, I am an artist who can set myself apart from the shoot and burn photographers, but the problem is, I need to get my name out there.  The only way to do that is to get out and meet people.  I need to get my butt out there!  Word of mouth baby.  Word of mouth.  As my dear, late Father once said to me, “You’re a real go getter.”  And like someone just commented on this very post, “You’re like Mary Tyler Moore.  You can make it anywhere.”  AMEN!

Don’t get me wrong.  I have met some fantastic people since being here – through our local museum, local businesses, and even right here on WordPress – I’ve even photographed a few of them.  I just need to meet more.  So guess what I did?  I just got a per diem job so that I’m forced to get dressed (pathetic, huh?) and get out of the house.  This way I’ll be able to meet people and make friends.  I am looking very forward to my life starting up again.  I actually can’t wait!  I’m a people person and miss the contact.  And a bonus – my new employer has a Wellness Center for employees.  I have gained a few pounds since being here and no longer fit into most of the work clothes that I was able to wear in April.  Pretty amazing how you can pack the pounds on with idleness!

Even though I moved away from my mom, brother, sister, and their families, I have great optimism that 2013 will be it for us.  Below is an attempt at our family 2012 Christmas card photo.  It was total chaos with the dogs, and the boys gave me literally less than five minutes, so I ended up using an image with just the humans.  Hopefully next year I can get us all in.  Here’s the image of all of us:


I know many people who have had tribulations this year – but at least the end of the world didn’t come – and I hope and pray that 2013 brings us only triumphs and happiness.  One project that I am looking forward to, is an online magazine that I am working on with a group of photographers that I network with.  We are spread out over the United States and Australia.

Now, please enjoy two images that I took on 1/1/11 for the first day of my self-imposed A to Z Photography Challenge.  ‘A’ for acorns.  I hand-picked these from our yard in Florida.  Happy New Year everyone!



Additional Info:  If you click on the link “A to Z Photography Challenge” (above), you will be able to read about the challenge, yet some of the images may be missing.  I had some of them associated with my old website host, and when I got rid of that company, my pictures were no longer linked.  I am trying to work with blogspot (where my old blog lives) to see what the issue is and how I can correct it.  Trying to upload from my hard drive isn’t working either.  In the meantime, you can still enjoy reading about this challenge which almost caused me a nervous breakdown, and some of the images still remain.


10 thoughts on “2012 Reflected

  1. It is hard to get a business of the ground where you have been forever, so it would be so much harder when you are new. I can understand what you are going through, good luck for 2013. Happy New Year

  2. Carol, You are like Mary Tyler Moore (haha). You can make it anywhere. The family looks great!! Happy New Year and many many blessings in 2013 and on. Now, suck it up, take the bull by the horns………….get out there and make Colorado your own!!!!!

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