Christmas Card Display

Years ago I saw a really neat way to display Christmas cards.  In the display, the person had hung them vertically on a ribbon in a doorway – using the same clothes pins that I will describe in more detail below.  I had changed it up a bit for our house, and for many years, I displayed my cards as shown in the bottom image (above our bar – excuse the people – I wanted to give you the whole effect).  Since we moved, I had to change it up again. The top images are from Christmas 2012.

I used a strand of silver garland, wrapped a strand of white mini lights around the garland, put a velour bow in the center, and used spray painted mini clothes pins to secure the cards to the garland. I purchased the mini clothes pins at a local craft store (Michael’s in my case), and painted them with silver spray paint.  You could spray paint them any color you want. You could also use any color/type garland.  The top center image shows you what it looked like with the lights plugged in.

(Double-clicking on the image will display it full screen.)

Christmas Card Display copy


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