M.I.A. and Canadian Geese

MIA.  Who?  Me?  I have been a bad, bad blogger and photographer as of late.  I was secretly hoping that no one would notice.  Well, not so.  I actually got a message from someone who ‘follows’ Keeping Up With Carol, and she said that she just wanted to make sure that everything was ok – that she hadn’t ‘read’ anything from me lately.  Well, in truth, it’s nice to know someone noticed my absence.  🙂

I’m ok.  I have just been extremely busy.  While I am building my photography business in my new town, I decided to take a per diem (as needed/to fill in for open shifts) position at a local business.  Things will settle down with that, but at the moment, I’ve been quite busy with training.  QUITE busy.  On top of that, I was pretty positive that I wouldn’t catch the cold that everyone has – but I did.  I have also recently combined my old Blogspot blog with my new WordPress blog.  I was very excited that the images and text could be imported, BUT the keywords need/needed to be redone, AND when I changed website hosts, the images that were linked to my blog were ‘lost’.  I now am in the process of adding them back in.  So, if you notice a post with a large box and a red x in the upper left corner, that’s a post that I haven’t had a chance to correct yet.

Happily, I was able to get a shoot in last weekend (post to follow) and on the way home that day, I was even able to stop to photograph some geese that I’ve been wanting to capture.  Coming from Florida, I just get a kick out of seeing birds actually sitting/standing/walking on the frozen lakes/ponds/streams.  Even though the shoot had taken a lot out of me (not feeling well), I decided what better time than the present?!

This is the sight that I saw on several occasions that made me want to pull my camera out:

geese, images, greeley, colorado, photography, ice, frozen pond-2

I call this shot, The Shunning (well, it would be except for the individual who doesn’t believe in following the pack):

geese, images, greeley, colorado, photography, ice, frozen pond-2-2

And this one is titled, Blue:

geese, images, greeley, colorado, photography, ice, frozen pond-2-3

I promise to get back in the saddle soon, and my next post will be from a really fun photo shoot I did.


2 thoughts on “M.I.A. and Canadian Geese

  1. Wonderful photos.
    There is a lake not far from me, where large groups of Canada Geese stop and rest for a few days—before they resume their trip south. The people that live around the lake think the geese flying overhead and swimming in the lake are absolutely beautiful. But all of the “little cigars” (goose poop) that they leave behind….well, that’s not exactly appreciated. Hahahaha. In life, you just gotta take the positives with the negatives!

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