High in the Sky Photo Session

…well, not really a photo session.  I was flying to Florida for 10 days to see family and friends.  On the flight out there, I saw this precious little girl sleeping so peacefully in her mothers arms.  I just had to capture that:


Then, the photographer in me just had the urge to snap more images.  I took one, and then noticed that the aunt (I think that is who she was) wasn’t smiling.  I’m sure that she thought that she wasn’t even in the shot.  So then I say, “OK either smile or duck out of the picture.”  She knew then! lol


Out of habit, I actually start posing them!  I asked them to look at the little girl lovingly:


Ah, I love my job!  And all this was taking place while I was on an airplane, seat belted in, the flight attendants walking past us serving refreshments –  so don’t judge!  Thanks for keeping me entertained you three! 🙂

More images from my trip to come in the following week…


4 thoughts on “High in the Sky Photo Session

  1. Awesome!!! A photograph gets its real value added only when it is picturized in a more natural way and this is one such snap, which has been well utilized…A child sleeping in her mother’s arm is such a beautiful thing, which makes me remember my childhood days…….Keep sharing……

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