Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park


It’s been a while since I’ve “reported” on a neat place to go.  In the past, I’ve blogged about state parks that we’ve visited and/or camped at.  I’ve also blogged about RV parks and places that you can just go for a day trip.  Most of them places in Florida.  I don’t really think that we’ve visited any park since we’ve been in Colorado besides the Rocky Mountain National Park – oh, and Devil’s Backbone.  Several months ago, I ran across this beautiful county park, but it was closed for the Winter season.  A few days ago while my husband, one of our sons and I had a little down time,  I suggested that we go check it out.

Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park, in Loveland, CO is just (in a word that my mom uses all the time) lovely!  The beautiful grass, nice shade trees, and flowing river, make it an ideal area for relaxation.  On the day that we visited, we saw a few people picnicking and someone lounging on the grass studying.  Some of the amenities are picnic tables, shore fishing in the Big Thompson River, a playground, hiking, horseshoe pits, two areas which can be reserved – one of them with a shelter, and an environmental education center.  Couples have also had wedding ceremonies here.





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The building above is pretty cool.  It’s got two picnic tables and two fireplaces in it.  First come, first served, and fires only permitted if there isn’t a fire ban.  The deck on the outside has a max capacity of 15, so keep that in mind.



My son made the comment that he saw a sign saying “no tree carving”.  All the trees off the deck were carved:

viestenz-smith mountain park, loveland, colorado, images, places to go, travel, picnic, carol dunnigan photography, swimming-3


This bridge leads to the shelter that can be reserved.   Only people with reservations for the shelter can cross over it:



And finally, if you keep up with me, you know that I am big into bathrooms!  I learned this from my mom.  Anytime we went anywhere, she’d check them out to make sure that they were clean.  This park offers pit toilets.  The facilities are clean.  Just a warning though, they don’t have “stalls”.  I’m a private person.  I had my husband be the look-out while I “went”.   🙂


I hope to visit this park again, many times over the years.  The next time that we go we will have to take a picnic lunch and do a little hiking!  And I can’t wait to see how it changes with the different seasons.


7 thoughts on “Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park

  1. I love Colorado photos. Yours are remarkable. We visit there twice a year (spring and fall). I try to take as many pictures as possible when there, but we’re not getting around in CO as much these days. 😦

  2. Carol: That park is apparently a revamped version of what I remember from the late 70s/early 80s. It was one of my favorite places the moment I was old enough to drive. I lived in Loveland during my high school years. My mom was a Girl Scout leader back then and spent several summers managing Girl Scout Day Camps in that park. When she died a few years ago, we wanted to spread her ashes there, but when we arrived we were dismayed to discover that the park is closed in winter. We had to find another location a little further up highway 34. Anyway, some day when I get back to Colorado, I hope to visit the new park. Thank you for your photos.

    • You’re very welcome Adrianne! I’m sorry to hear about your mom. My father too passed away and we still have this ashes (passed away in 2002). He wanted a Viking funeral, but that’s kinda against the law with the coast guard. One of these days we will do something with them, but until then, my sister wraps him in wrapping paper at Christmas and uses him as a decoration. 🙂 We think he would have gotten a kick out of that.

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