Animals at the Museum

So far this year, I have done two photo shoots for the City of Greeley History Museums, specifically the Centennial Village Museum, and this Saturday I will be  one.  During my most recent shoot,  History Fest, I took the time to photograph some of the animals that they had.  I am a HUGE animal lover! 🙂

My first stop – a sheep and her baby lamb.  Before the school children got there, someone had mentioned to me that a lamb had just been born overnight.  I made a bee-line over there!


2013 CVM Spring History Fest-12

How sweet!

2013 CVM Spring History Fest-13

2013 CVM Spring History Fest-14

2013 CVM Spring History Fest-15

Then come the pigs!  I even got top security clearance to go into the actual ‘pig pen’.  There were two pigs in there.

2013 CVM Spring History Fest-125

2013 CVM Spring History Fest-126

2013 CVM Spring History Fest-128

2013 CVM Spring History Fest-129

And then, last but not least, Sampson the calf (baby cow).  I don’t think he was too sure what to think of me.  Poor thing!

2013 CVM Spring History Fest-135

2013 CVM Spring History Fest-136

The Greeley History Museums are wonderful places to learn about Greeley, Colorado and the past of this area in general.  If you’re ever in the area, be sure to visit them!


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