Small Town Visit

While my husband was out driving for work last week, he saw a sign for a small town festival.  He knows that I love small towns and I’d never seen this one.  Since we’re new to the area, we are far from seeing them all.  Seeing as it was his day off, we planned on going to the festival.

Welcome to Grover, Colorado, population 125 (according to the grocery store cook).  Grover is .5 square miles.


We ended up driving through the town once, looking for the festival.  A sign said that it was at the fairgrounds, but we couldn’t locate them.  We made a pit stop (bathroom) at the local grocery store to ask directions.  They said that due to the high winds, they had to cancel some of the activities and they moved what was left to the flea market.  We found the flea market building next to the Earl Anderson Memorial Rodeo grounds (keep in mind this is an old link and the dates are not the same):


What was left of the festival was food and flea market tables/items.  Very nice people.  I felt bad that they had to cancel most of the activities.  After looking at all the goods for sale, we headed back to the grocery store (which also houses a small restaurant) for lunch.  While waiting for the food to be done, I looked around the store a bit.  In the corner was a board of local postings – including jobs.


Looking for a job?  How about Mayor?


This would be your office:


The store also had t-shirts for sale.  Here are a couple that I liked:



I took this shot as we were leaving the store.  The guy by the bikes is from Boulder, Colorado (formerly a resident of San Francisco, California).  He and his friends had also heard about the festival and were headed to the same destination that we were when we left town:


A few more images from the town:




Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I never really got a chance to see small towns – not really even when we lived in Florida.  This was so cool!  And it’s so true about small towns and their residents.  Everyone was really nice.  They answered all this crazy big town lady’s questions.  I would love to get to one of their rodeos some day!

My next few posts will be from the same day.  It was hard to believe that we were only about 30 miles from home – the fields went on and on.



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