Night Portraits | Greeley/Northern Portrait Photography

I love to play (photography-wise) at night, and several weeks ago I was able to sneak off and play a little.


My goal was to have the sun setting with  the mountains in the background, and some cool clouds.   We headed out a little West of town, though not far enough.  The mountains seemed too small for what I was visualizing, but we were losing light so had to make do.  Most of the country around here is fenced in – private – bummer.  Luckily we stumbled across the farmer whose property I was eyeing.  He and his precious dog Maddie happened to be out on a four-wheeler, so I was able to ask permission.  He let us drive out to the back of his property to capture these images.

I kept the lighting simple.  Really simple.  I had brought my new umbrella to try out, but the winds were amazingly strong and ended up knocking it over, even with a pretty heavy weight on the stand.  Thankfully I got the bends out!  So I ended up using just a diffused, off-camera flash.



I’d like to get out there, a little more West next time, to see what other cool images we can come up with!


14 thoughts on “Night Portraits | Greeley/Northern Portrait Photography

    • Thank you and didn’t you read the post? 🙂 I tried to use my umbrella but the wind knocked it over, sand bag and all. So I ended up using a difussed external flash off to the side.

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