Yep.  That’s right.  I hang my head in shame.  After leaving the town of Grover, CO (written about a few posts back), and on our way to the Pawnee National Grasslands and the Pawnee Buttes,  I wanted to stop and capture the massive fans from the wind farms.  The problem was, they were on private property.  At the time, I thought they were all fenced in, which isn’t so.  But thinking that they were, I was bummed.  I wanted to walk up to one.  I wanted to see just how massive they were.

My husband suggested that I hop a fence.  Now, I’m not saying that my husband is a law-breaker, he was trying to make his wife happy.  When he suggested it, I was against it – nervous even.  I like to walk the straight and narrow.  Well, at the time it appeared that it was the only way that I’d get close to one.  So picture it, we’re driving down this out in the middle of no where road.  My husband swears to me that no one will notice.  We see a gate (with of course a no trespassing sign – but it turns out that it’s from the people who own the fans, not the farmer who owns the property).  I see a fence and ask my husband if it’s an electric one.  He says it isn’t.  I ask if he’s 100% positive.  He says yes.  So I do what any photographer would do who loves to capture an image, I climb over the gate.  I start to jog over to the big fans, but they are farther away than they look and I get winded.  I start to walk.  When I get to one of the fans, the way the sun was, I wasn’t seeing the shot I wanted.  So I start  to walk over to another one and am able to capture this:


Then I turn around, and see this (although this was taken after I got back to the truck because I wasn’t about to take this picture from where I was standing):


BUSTED!  In fact, the fan to the left- that’s where I was originally trying to take a picture.  I was cussing my husband out, under my breath, the whole walk back to the gate.  I was caught trespassing!

What a nice rancher though!  We talked a bit, and here’s a couple shots of his dogs checking me out:



It turns out that the rancher isn’t too particularly fond of the company that owns the giant fans.  He even offered to let us go to another part of his property and basically four-wheel it to get shots of the area from above.  While we wait for him to unload his cattle, I snap these shots:


And look at the baby calf’s!  I try not to think of the rancher’s business and the life that these cattle will have.  I, after all, am a meat lover:


Some images of the rancher’s property along with one image of fenced in property where missile silo’s are housed.  They’re right down the road from the rancher’s house.  Of course, if I’d stood outside the fence to take a picture, they’d have been all over me in no time at all.  So I took one from a safe distance.





My husband, standing on a ledge overlooking part of the property:


The rancher’s ranch off to the right, and the silo area is just off-camera left:


The silo site is about 1/3 of the way down in the center of this image:


The first flowering cactus that I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t open:


While heading to the Buttes, my husband was showing me where another silo site was.  One that was more obvious (a building on site).  On our way there we drove past this vehicle.  We’re thinking that it was probably on its way to relieve the soldiers who were guarding the other silo site.


There’s a whole lotta dust and a whole lotta land out there.  It amazes me that we live only 30 miles or so from this area!


5 thoughts on “Trespassing

  1. A fantastic set. That’s a spectacular view of the ranch from the “overlook” location.

    There aren’t too many fans among ranchers and farmers of the big windmills. Unfortunately, they want to put too many of them in the migratory bird flyways.

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