My Trips to Rawlins, Wyoming

Several weeks ago my husband had the opportunity to travel to the Rawlins, WY area to help cover some of the workload for the company that he works for.  It looks like this might be something he will be doing every now and then.  For the fourth of July holiday, our youngest son (17) and I traveled to visit him (the 4th happens to be my husbands birthday).  I’d never been to Wyoming, and neither had our son, so it was the makings for a fun road trip.  Once again, I was amazed at the scenery that this part of the country has to offer.   Being a suburban girl from the Chicago area, and then Florida, it’s quite a change!

This shot was taken while my son was driving towards Rawlins.  We’re literally driving into the sunset:


It ended up being about a 3 1/2 hour drive up there.  I’ll be making several posts about this area, mainly to break it up a bit since there is so much to write about and there are so many images to post.  Since the weekend of the fourth, I actually just got back from my second trip there.  This time around, I was driving solo.  The very first time in my life that I’d driven anyplace without a co-pilot – EVER (besides local trips no more than an hour away).  I was so proud of myself!

Rawlins, Wyoming is home to some 9,000 residents and has a good bit of tourist traffic flowing through there, but usually they’re just a stop-off.  It’s considered to be a larger city along the I-80 corridor.  It sits between two even larger cities, Rock Springs to the West (population estimated around 23,000 in 2010) and Laramie to the East (population estimated around 30,000 in 2010) – about 100 miles either way from Rawlins. To get even a bigger picture of how small these towns are, the local news station is actually the one that I watch when I’m home in Colorado.  The station is out of Denver, Colorado which is 240 miles away!

Here are some images that I captured around the town of Rawlins:






This town would be awesome for photo shoots.  They had great locations.  Great doors.  Nice churches.








While driving by the train tracks, I realized that this town has a fueling station for the trains.  Pretty neat as I’d never seen one before.



On my first trip I saw a gas station which was against a rock hill.  I thought it would look neat as a night shot, so I went back that night:


Also on our first trip we had seen a deer in a neighborhood.  It’s not something that you see every day.  Well, it’s not something that I see everyday, but it appeared to be common for this town.   I was kicking myself after that trip for not capturing it.  This past trip, my husband and I saw a deer at a corner in the business district and we pulled over so I could capture it.  After I photographed it on the corner, I went around the back of the building and caught it snooping around a yard, and even captured it jumping a fence!





A little bit outside of town is a Flying J Truck Stop.  We stopped there one day and I noticed these trees.  Because of some of the high winds that they get out there, the trees actually bend:


  This next picture is of an underpass – you can see the train going over it.  At first I thought it was a one vehicle at a time tunnel and I explained that to my son as we sat at the red light.  Then we realized it was two-way traffic at the same time.  Uh, uh.  No way.  Not me.  Luckily my son was driving and has no problems doing it.  I would never be able to drive underneath that thing.  I have enough problems driving through the drive-thru at my bank with my truck!


Seeing as my husband will be traveling up in that area quite often, I’ve decided to expand Carol Dunnigan Photography into this area.  I can’t wait to work with the fantastic locations that this area has to offer.

Even if you’re just passing through this small town, it’s worth it to stick around for a day or so.  Rawlins has a lot of history and a nice downtown area.  There’s also a museum and they’ve got The Pen – the Wyoming Frontier Prison.  Info and images from there can be found in my next post.

You can learn more about Rawlins here, here and here.


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