Historic Prison

This post is a continuation from my earlier post on Rawlins, Wyoming

Even if you’re just passing through this small town, it’s worth it to stick around for a day or so.  Rawlins has a lot of history and a quaint downtown area.  There’s a museum and they’ve got The Pen – the Wyoming Frontier Prison.  This was the first Wyoming Penitentiary, and was in operation from 1901-1981.  While my husband was at work, my son and I took a tour.  The admission fee was very reasonable at $8/person, and was a jam-packed hour of neat history.  Below are some images that I captured during the tour:










This is where they played baseball games.  The towns people would watch from the hill:





And this is the last view they had of the outside world while waiting for the floor to open:


The gas chamber.  Kinda morbid, but my son wanted to sit in the chair (as do most people I’m sure – but not me), but he wanted to have the door shut too (shudder).





While doing research for this post from the hotel room, I realized that there was a nature trail and cemetery which I didn’t know about when I took the tour.  Knowing this of course was a reason to go back for another visit:


This sign has the names of inmates and whether they were executed or died of natural causes:







10 thoughts on “Historic Prison

  1. This is such an interesting tour to go on! Think after a tour of a prison like this you would definitely think twice before committing a crime and ending up in a place like this. Beautiful photos!

  2. A tour of the penitentiary is rather different. I don’t know about if I would want to sit in the “chair”. 🙂

    One of the ghost hunting shows did an “investigation” there several years ago to determine whether if paranormal activity exists there. If I remember correctly, the results were inconclusive.

    • They mentioned that during the tour! They also had a B movie filmed there just prior to it going on the historic registry and didn’t have to ‘fix’ what they damaged. They sell it on Amazon, but for a ridiculous price for a B movie. I will buy it one day just to see it! 🙂

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