Some would call it a ghost town…

…but the residents wouldn’t!

My husband had asked some of his co-workers about ghost towns in the area.  One mentioned Atlantic City, Wyoming, so when I got to town, we headed West on I-80.  We traveled through Rock Springs, Farson, and Lander, before backtracking to Atlantic City.



Atlantic City Store_2

In the front of the building is the store.

Atlantic City Store_Panorama1

In the back of the building is the community center with free Wi-Fi.

How cool!  As soon as we hit town, I realized it wasn’t the sort of ‘ghost town’ that I’d though it would be, but it was so neat in its own right.  We drove down one road, and then another.  There’s not a lot of area to cover, so we arrived at the community center rather quickly.  I went inside and took a couple of pictures, then was told that Yvonne would be back in a few minutes (she’s the owner).  While waiting, I captured the above pictures and the one’s below:



I just love talking to local people.  You can find out so much about a place.  For instance, Yvonne told me that the store/community center used to house the local volunteer fire department before they build a new building across the creek.  She also mentioned that in order for the town to get Wi-Fi installed there, there had to be a community center on-site for at least two years.  Neat, huh?!

We told Yvonne that we were out looking for ghost towns, and that we heard Atlantic City was one.  She said to tell whoever told us that, that it wasn’t!  She also mentioned that there were two ghost towns within a few miles of Atlantic City.  One heading one way out of town and one heading another.  You would think that meant getting back on a paved highway.  That’s not the case.  You travel on gravel roads to access them.  Very Western and very much in the back country.

Since we were running out of daylight, Yvonne that we go to Miner’s Delight.  There was no way that we’d have time to go to both.   Yvonne also likes Miner’s Delight better.  One, because you can always access it.  The doors don’t close.   And two because she likes the seclusion of it and that it isn’t renovated.  The other choice was South Pass City.  This is the one that I would love to see, and plan to return one day.  I think it’s more the ‘ghost town’ image that I imagine.  It’s ran by the State of Wyoming and offers events during their open season.  The buildings are open for visitors to tour during certain hours.

Here are a few more images from Atlantic City and then some from Miner’s Delight:





Calamity Jane allegedly worked here as a dance hall girl. She lived in Miner’s Delight for some time.

And now – Miner’s Delight:


Look how dusty the truck got from our day out!  The next day (in my next post), didn’t help it any!  This is the only headstone that we saw in the cemetery:


This is  the trail that leads down to the ‘town’.  Bring bug spray! You will need it for sure in the mornings and evenings during the Summer months.  I’m sure you won’t need it in the Winter.  I’m not sure what it’s like during mid-day:









We would love to know what these holes went down to!



We started to get hungry for dinner, so before returning all the way back to Rawlins, we decide to head back to Atlantic City for dinner.  We went to The Mercantile and I had Rocky Mountain Oysters for the first time (I’ll try almost anything once).  It wasn’t bad.






And the last shot (I will take my camera anywhere) yes, it’s in the women’s restroom!



2 thoughts on “Some would call it a ghost town…

  1. There are a number of ghost towns in the mountains, widely scattered about. Some are on the map, most of the map. And, definitely off the road (hiking involved?)

    If a road is important, though not a ghost town, Victor, south of Cripple Creek, is nearly a ghost town. I believe there’s less than 100 people in Victor, but many abandoned buildings. More recently, Victor was selected for a repeater station for Verizon Wireless.

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