Big Atlantic Gulch Campground

While exploring the Atlantic City, Wyoming area, we stopped by the Big Atlantic Gulch Campground which is owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  There are a couple more in this area.  We only stopped at two and this is the one we liked out of the two.  Camping is pretty reasonable in Wyoming.  This particular place doesn’t have any electric hook-ups or a dump station (that I saw).  They do have pit toilets available.



During our loop around the campground, we stopped so that I could photograph a cow at one of the campsites.  Now, how often do you see a cow on a campsite??


The campground host was out on his 4×4 and stopped by to chat.  He said that the cow(s!) were on BLM fenced in property, and knocked down the fence.  They were due to come and repair the fence the next day.  The host also mentioned that he’d seen a moose at one of the campsites the night before.  How cool is that?







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