Seminoe State Park, Seminoe Dam and Surrounding Areas

This is the last post from the series on my recent trips out to Rawlins, Wyoming and the Atlantic City, Wyoming areas.  After driving 400+ miles the day before (going out to Atlantic City), we abused our butts a little less by only driving about 200 miles!  *sigh*  We really didn’t want to go on another big day trip, so I plugged in “attractions” on my husband’s Garmin (GPS) to see what was in the area.  The only thing that I could come up with that we hadn’t seen before, was a state park.  My husband bitched and moaned (can I say that?) because he didn’t feel like checking out a state park.  It’s not fun when you’re not actually camping.  The day before was an outing for me, and this was to be a day for him.   Let’s just say that he was pleasantly surprised once he saw the park.  We both were.

We settled on Seminoe State Park without having lunch.  We didn’t think that we’d be out there that long since we weren’t camping.  This was a  reconnaissance mission.   One thing that you do need to know if you go there.  I suggest that you bring everything that you need for your stay.  The drive in is a 33 mile stretch of 40 and 50 MPH (miles per hour) speed limits.  Don’t speed.  You’ll think that you are all by yourself on this long, lonely road.  But you’d be surprised.  We sure were when the cop pulled us over!  Thank God he noticed our out-of-state license plates and gave us a break.

So we’re driving down this road, and BAM!  We got to the canyon part of the road.  Beautiful!  The time of day we were heading in, we saw awesome reflections in the river.  I would have loved to pull over and take some pictures, but frankly, even I was sick of the pulling over from all the traveling we did the day before.  Once we got through the canyon, the landscape turned ‘boring’ again.  We were counting down the miles until we reached our destination.  Then suddenly out of nowhere – what a view!  I’m kicking myself for not pulling over at that time to capture it, but again, I thought we’d be heading back out soon so I wouldn’t have missed the perfect light on the mountains.  I did capture it on the way out though, and this is what it looked like:




As we were rounding a bend, we saw deer climbing on the rocks, then we pulled up just before the campground and saw my first wild horses:


After the horses we started to drive into the  North Red Hills camping area.  We saw two beautiful Golden Retrievers coming up from the water with their owner.  Here’s one of them with the water as a backdrop:


Here are some images from this campground (one of the three in this park).  Not very many trees, and none really for shade, but the view is amazing and it doesn’t get that hot:


A family and their dog enjoying the scenery.




Some of the sites have pavilions which is nice touch, and the one below is the one that the retrievers and their owners were staying at.  I was told that they had camped at that same site for the 4th of July holiday, and that they had three other families also camping at that site.  It’s a large site due to the parking area:





As I was taking pictures, I was told that we should go see the Seminoe  Dam, which was just up the hill.  Before we got to the dam, we stopped to capture some of the panoramic views.  Another sigh out of my husband until he saw the views.  He could (and I too) not believe that such a beautiful place could have been hidden away in the middle of no where.






Onward to the dam:





Adventure mode kicked in.  We wanted to check out the area closest to the dam, so we continued on the road, and then a little further on to a day area where you could picnic.


Four-wheel drive wouldn’t be a bad thing to have on these roads.









Then we see a sign that says we were entering the Morgan Creek Wildlife Management area, so we take it.  Very hilly!  Even having 4-wheel drive I was kinda scared.  I’m a girl!




Of course we saw no wildlife because we were looking for it.  lol

We then ended up outside the park.  The roads were hilly, windy, and appeared to lead to nowhere:




Then suddenly you see people camping around the river.  They had prime spots!


And they weren’t in the state park, so you didn’t have to pay.  You can swim in the water there, but at your own risk from what one of the campers told us.  They said that a man had died a few weeks before because of the swift current and undertow.  They said that if we were to go swimming, we should go down river where it was a lot calmer.  They also suggested Sunshine Beach as a place to swim.  That is part of the state park.

I was starting to feel nauseous with hunger.  The windy roads and hills were getting to me.  We actually saw two more dams on the way back to the park.  Amazing!

Heading back through the wildlife management area, my husband says, “Look – there’s a beaver!’  Cool!  I’d never seen one that was not in captivity.  They’re quick little buggers!  These next few images were taken in haste.  When I jumped out of the truck, I was afraid he (or she) might get away, so I snapped a quick picture.  I was right.  He booked across the road and through the door of his dam:





I had a chance to photograph one that was swimming in the water near the dam:


Finally back in the park and heading out, we noticed that there was a second campground – South Red Hills:








Then we saw Sunshine Beach.  It turns out that it also has camping available – and some great spots right on the water!



These people had one big party!





7 thoughts on “Seminoe State Park, Seminoe Dam and Surrounding Areas

  1. Life in the west is a far cry from FL, isn’t it? I’d say your adventures are just beginning and you’ll find the most gorgeous and stunning scenery a mere five hour drive from home. Enjoy 🙂

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