Trip to Red Feather Lakes – Part 1 – Livermore, Colorado

Another day trip!  This time in our beautiful state.  There is soooo much that we haven’t seen.

A friend of mine has a cabin in Red Feather Lakes, and was telling me how pretty the area is.  Since that conversation,  I’d been wanting to visit there.  We finally got a chance yesterday.  It’s surrounded by the Roosevelt National Forest, so not only did we see a small part of the Red Feather Lakes area, we also drove through a cute area of Livermore and spent several hours driving through the national forest, even stopping to see a couple of their campgrounds.

My first post from this trip will be short, a drive through the Livermore, Colorado area.  The highlighted link for Livermore mentions that The Forks was closed for good, but as you can see in the picture below, it is still an open business and thriving.  The pictures are in the order of our drive, and the first three were taken from the same intersection.


The current post office.


I love the street sign across from the post office!


The Forks

If you follow the link above for The Forks, you will see more images.  I wish we would have had time to stop in and see it first hand for ourselves.  It looks like a wonderful place!

After leaving the main intersection where The Forks and the Post Office were located, we drove past two buildings, one had a sign above it saying “Post Office”.  I had my husband turn back around.  We parked just over the bridge that is part of the driveway (to the left of the post office).  It appeared to be deserted.  There were no cars in sight.  No “Private Property” sign.  My husband voiced that maybe the house was a museum.  I got out of the truck to check it out.  I was greeted by a barking dog, then two cute kids, then a man.  I asked him if it was all his property.   His response was yes, and that the polite thing to do was to go to someone’s door and to announce that we were there.   I was a little taken aback.  He was also saying that they were having a birthday party for his wife.  I actually think I was stuttering for a bit when I tried to talk.  I mean, I had literally just gotten out of the truck and was walking towards the barking dogs and kids when he walked out.  I hadn’t been snooping.  I’m not sure if he thought that I was, thought that maybe I’d been there a while already and he just noticed that we were there, I’m not sure.  They probably get tons of tourists stopping by, and maybe he was finally letting it all out.  All in all, he was a nice man (albeit flustered), had nice kids and a nice dog.  We spoke for maybe two minutes where I got the info that he wasn’t sure what they were going to do with the post office yet, and that Livermore has a connection to Greeley, Colorado (where I live) – I will have to research that later.  I thanked him for his time, asked if it’d be ok for me to take a few pictures on my way out, telling him that I didn’t want to keep him from the party.



Livermore, Colorado Post Office, Hotel and General Store.

The view looking across from the old post office:

They have a beautiful view!

My next post will be on a small area of Red Feather Lakes.


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