Trip to Red Feather Lakes – Part 2

This post started with my previous one.

Considering how we traveled to that area to see it, we actually spent very little time there.  We ended up driving mostly through the Roosevelt National Forest.  The forest surrounds the Red Feather Lakes area, and it’s not hard to get ‘lost’ in it!

The only images that I have to show for this area are main street and the restaurant we had lunch at.  This is the quaintest downtown Main Street that I’ve ever seen! 🙂

Downtown Red Feather Lakes_Panorama1


I took a quick walk down Main Street to make sure that I saw it all.   We stopped at a local real estate place, Summit Real Estate,  to ask some questions about the area.  The two gentlemen that we spoke to were the nicest guys.  If you’re interested in the area, head over to their website (link above) and check it out.  It’s loaded with great information and pictures.

They gave us maps, told us about the area, and gave me suggestions of where I could see some moose.  That’s what I was searching for (Sorry guys – never ended up seeing any.  But that’s because I was the one looking.  Just my luck!).  One of the men sat down at his computer and showed me some of the pictures that he’s taken of moose and bear.  The other man told a story of how there was a bear right by the real estate building and how his son was pretty darn close to it.   They even suggested a place for us to eat lunch.


Knowing that our little excursions usually last longer than we intend, my husband and I decided that eating lunch before we headed out was a good idea.  We drove to Pot Belly, which was just down the road.


To my lovely surprise, we sat at a table with not only a great view of the landscape, but a view of hummingbirds drinking water.  At one time my husband counted up to 10!




The food was good too.  I thought the portions were a nice size for lunch.  Maybe a bit steep in price, but not that bad.  Our waitress was very sweet – wish I would have gotten her name.


I had the Chicken Salad.





I will definitely visit Red Feather Lakes again.  It’s a beautiful area.  My next post will be on the Roosevelt National Forest itself.  After that I will post on a few of the campgrounds that we drove through while in the forest.


2 thoughts on “Trip to Red Feather Lakes – Part 2

    • LOL – besides the local area and now Red Feather Lakes, we had been to Glenwood Springs when we first moved here. That’s it. 🙂 Can’t wait to get to Mesa Verde and places like that!

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