Trip to Red Feather Lakes – Part 3 – Roosevelt National Forest

This post is a continuation of PART 1 and PART 2.

What a beautiful place to visit!  Our intent for the day was to take a drive out to Red Feather Lakes, Colorado – and to hopefully see moose.  We did see a very small part of that area, and then ended up driving the rest of the day through beautiful Roosevelt National Forest – the forest basically surrounds Red Feather Lakes.  We were told that Deadman Road was a great place to see moose (in the marshy part), so we headed there after lunch.

Here we go again!  Unpaved roads.  You’ll find a lot of that in Colorado and Wyoming (and probably many other states, but this is all new to me).  We took one of the side roads off of Deadman to see where it led.  You’ll see many side roads marked with signs like the one below:


Just to the right of this sign was a group camping:


We saw several groups camping off of this road.  Here’s another one of the camping areas that has been used in the past:


On up the road we drove – as far up as my husband was comfortable with taking my truck that is not jacked up.



And then I fell down and went boom.  I got a boo-boo (road rash).  I slipped on the dry dirt, and both of the cameras that I was carrying – their lenses hit the ground.  Thank God for lens hoods!   Wish I’d been wearing jeans, and better yet, wished I was wearing hiking boots.  Those are now on my must-have list.





Pretty, but curvy, roads that got me car sick.


We passed a sign that looked like it read ‘lookout tower’, so we turned around to check it out.


The road took us to Deadman Lookout.  That link has some great info about it.  Two men were on duty at the time and one of them had his two kids with him.




I am terrified of heights, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  I very slowly took one stair at a time, pausing at each of the platforms.  At the last platform before the top, I found a teenage girl.  She said that was as far as she was going and she was going to turn around.  I told her that I too was nervous, but we only had one more platform to go.  After a couple of minutes talking, she joined me on the last leg to the top.



A view looking down at the people waiting to come up.  There are only so many ‘passes’ so that they can control the number of people at the top at one time.



Ta da!  I made it back down alive!  I was even given a card saying that I successfully climbed the tower since I was such a big girl (Actually I asked for it, but I think I deserved it!):


That was just about the end of my fun.  It started going down-hill from there with my getting car sick.  Too many twisty, curvy roads at too high a speed trying to figure out how to get the heck out of there.  If we’d been going 2 miles and hour that I wish we’d been going, we still would be in there!  We knew that we were headed in the right direction of home (SE), but the GPS wasn’t helping because it wouldn’t zoom out.  A map of the forest would have been a good idea.


I thank the open range cows, the outhouse in the middle of no-where, and the horses as being my saviors – a diversion from the road.  Those were my excuses for pulling over.




This handsome guy and his friend came over to me for a little visit:


Power lines (in image below) were a good sign.  Civilization was just around the corner – literally.  We saw a school bus sign right after we left the horses.


Roosevelt National Forest is a beautiful place to visit and I intend to go back there again.  Next time with a map and my motion sickness medicine.  And PTL (praise the Lord) that we ate lunch first!


7 thoughts on “Trip to Red Feather Lakes – Part 3 – Roosevelt National Forest

  1. thankyou for your posts…having been looking at Red Feather Lakes for a while…You just confirmed how beautiful it is there ..beautiful pictures ..thanks for sharing

    • FS? It was extremely windy though, and I get motion sickness. It was my roller coaster. 🙂

      p.s. There was no re-showing of the Frontier Prison on the Travel Channel (I emailed them), but they told me it was on iTunes so I bought it and watched it yesterday. Made my skin prick! 🙂

      • FS=Forest Road. It took me awhile to catch on the abbreviation when I interned for them long ago. 😉

        Some of the Ghost Adventure episodes can really send the shivers.

  2. Welcome to my world. Those RV’s were boondocking in the National Forest….most likely for free. I’ll keep that area on my radar possibly for next summer. Seems like you may have caught the back country exploring bug 🙂

    • That they were. Even the paid sites w/pit toilets were beautiful. Maybe tomorrow I’ll put that post up. Back country bug? Not intentionally! lol I can handle it if I know where it ends. If we’re not sure, I start to get sick of it and sick.

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