Fill ‘er up

On our way home from WY last night, we stopped at  a Flying J truck stop to get some gas.  While my son was pumping, I looked over at the semi trucks in the diesel line and wanted to capture them.  As I was putting my camera on my tripod, I gave my son two options.  He could either drive me to the back of the truck line and to the front, or he could watch me walk to both areas myself and worry about my safety.  He didn’t want to choose either.  My 23-year old son became parental and told me to get in the truck – that we were going.  I did not want to miss this shot so I walked off to the front of the trucks.  He ended up being a tattle tale and called my husband who agreed with him.  I lost.  I was only able to capture two images, and this is one of them:


I plan on making my husband bring me back there sometime so that I can get the shot that I was really after!


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