Playing with Presets

I recently had the opportunity to demo one of the Lightroom package presets from Kubota Image Tools.  This particular package is called Vintage Delish.  Being a photographer, I’d been aware that there were presets out there in the universe, but up until now, I hadn’t really added any to my editing workflow.  I try not to have to edit, but these presents can really WOW an image!   I put together a little demo of some of my favorites from this collection (which are most of the presets).  I think I have one duplicate within the series of images below.  I wish I would have had these a few weeks ago so that I could have used them on the images from my last senior session!

Here are some samples of Bri:

Bri copy

Images of the Buffalo Soldiers (I think this group is based out of Denver).  I was photographing an event at the Centennial Village Museum in Greeley, CO, and they were one of the groups performing:

Buffalo copy

Leyna and Brandon:

Leyna copy copy


Tiffani copy copy


Jesscia copy

Some of the preset names are making me hungry!  Do you have a favorite?


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