I have finally seen my first wild moose.  Two of them actually.  My husband and I had been out on a scenic drive a week or so ago.  We stopped at the Moose Visitor Center in the Colorado State Forest inquiring about the best location to spot moose.  The ranger told us about Cameron Pass.



A few gorgeous views between the visitor center and Cameron Pass:


Rain was coming!


We parked at the Pass.  There are picnic areas, trails, and pit toilets by the parking lot.



The parking lot is U-shaped.  We parked my truck to the right side along the edge.  There was a trail immediately next to my back bumper.  My husband thought that we should follow the crowd – that the moose would probably be seen out that way.  I said we needed to take the trail less traveled.


Immediately after getting on the trail, we spotted two (2!) moose not too far from us.  We were able to get within 30′ (30 feet) of them and then we just sat and observed – while taking pictures of course!


We took cover within these trees:


You can see that this big boy had gotten into a fight.  He’s got blood and fur on his right antler:





Beautiful creatures!  The rain did come, but it was such a light drizzle that it didn’t affect my cameras or my lenses.  It was the perfect weather to photograph in.


7 thoughts on “Moose

  1. Beautiful shots and what a wonderful experience. I too would love to travel to Colorado someday to experience both the natural beauty (that you showed so well in you photos) and the wildlife (which you showed so stunningly in your photos).

    • Thank you Mike 🙂 I can’t wait until I get the 70-200 at some point this year to help get the right shots I want. I really wished I had a shallower dof in those images. I would LOVE to have the 400mm or 500mm. Maybe some day! But those aren’t really needed in portrait work which I really do more of. 🙂

    • Thank you David! I enjoy being up close with nature when I’m out there. Luckily we had tree coverage. I heard that in mating season they can be pretty aggressive. They were well aware that we were there. They looked at us several times. They just knew that we weren’t a threat.

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