Colorado Floods

It’s amazing the devastation. I’d never seen anything like this from the Hurricanes that we had while living in Central Florida.  Up until today I hadn’t been near any of the damage, except when driving through the Fort Collins back roads a few days ago.  The front yards of peoples homes were mud.

The following images were taken about 10 miles from where we live.  I had my husband pull over so that I could take them.  The construcrion dudes were cool to let me get so close!






4 thoughts on “Colorado Floods

  1. The flash flooding can become very destructive here. Basically, the semi-arid type soils simply cannot handle the water like in the Midwest and in the east.

  2. Wow….it’s so sad. My daughter and a friend wanted to do a repeat that she and I did last July up to Mt. Evans. Severe road damage deterred their plans.

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