My Illness: Where the heck had I been in 2014? A journey I’d rather not repeat.

This post is the first in a series on my Necrotising Aspergillus Pneumonia illness.  Where have I been?  On a journey, to say the very least.  This documentation is as much for you as it is for me.  It’s  a sort of journal for me to remember it by.  I wish I would have posted along the way.  I have some cell phone images that my husband captured – that I will post – but unfortunately, some have been lost.

It all started in November (2013) when I had a major sinus infection, followed by bronchitis with a capital B (as my allergist/immunologist called it).  Antibiotics (including a double dose for a quick boost), large doses of prednisone, mucinex, and a childrens cough syrup to help me sleep at night were prescribed – along with a nebulizer machine to take home and use four times a day.  I was a very sick puppy.

I had a sinus CT and a chest x-ray.  The x-ray didn’t show any pneumonia.  At this time my mom was in town for her first visit since we’d moved from Florida to Colorado in the Summer of 2012.  She was in town for a week which included the Thanksgiving holiday.  Her sightseeing consisted of going to doctor appointments with me every few days – including going straight from the airport to a last minute/emergent appointment.  My allergist/immunologist informed me that if I would have seen him a day later, I would have been hospitalized.   I had a wedding to shoot the next day.

The show must go on!  Thank the Lord my husband was my assistant and was there for me.  The day before the wedding I would classify as the height of this episode in my illness.  Although I was far from the downward slope, the Lord must have been with me that day (along with lots of drugs).  Pre-wedding went very well.  During the ceremony I had quite a time catching my breath, but I made it through.  The reception was a little easier, but extremely tiring.  I was to stay until the end for the couple’s departure which were to include bubbles outside.  As the end of the evening neared, I approached the bride and asked her when this would be – guests were leaving at a high rate by this point.  She told me that they weren’t going to do them after all.  It was like a Christmas miracle!  I was able to leave.

As weeks passed I got better with the exception of an occasional alternating dry cough and a “productive” cough (that’s not such a gross way to put it, right?).

This entire series, which is still an ongoing issue, consists of separate posts in order to divide them into bite size reads for you.  You can read the next post here.


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