My Illness: What is going on here?!

This post is the second in a series on my Necrotising Aspergillus Pneumonia illness.  Where have I been?  On a journey, to say the very least.  If you’d like to start from the beginning, start here.

Really?  Again?  January 2014 spared me the sinus infection, but brought the bronchitis back.  Just as bad.   I was put on an antibiotic for a week with no positive results.  I called my doctor telling him that I had it again with a capital B.  I was prescribed a rare antibiotic, Ketek, and more heavy doses of prednisone.  The antibiotic was so rare, it took nine phone calls from my doctor to other pharmacies to find one that had it.  I was also put back on the nebulizer four times a day.

I also started the cough syrup again.  The prednisone and breathing treatments were doing a number on me.  I had problems falling asleep because of them.  The steroids (Methylprednisolone to be exact – and that stuff is supposed to have less side effects.  I couldn’t tell the difference.) also made me gain tons of weight.  Someone actually asked me when my baby was due.  That’s always fun to hear – especially having 19 and 25 year old sons!

My symptoms went away a few weeks later with the exception of the same alternating dry cough and a productive cough.  What was hard to believe, through these two bouts of bronchitis, was that I had grown up with it – but I would get it only once a year as a child and once every few years as an adult.  This was twice in as many months.  My doctor told me that it was a bad Winter and that he had a few patients that had more than one bout of bronchitis so far.  He mentioned that if I were to get sick again, he might consider sending me to National Jewish Health in

This entire series, which is still an ongoing issue, will consist of separate posts in order to divide them into bite size reads for you.  You can read the next post here.


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