(My) Man at Work

So, I had been just dying to get my hands on a Canon 70-200mm f2.8L lens – for the past few years.  Last November I finally got it.  Have I shot with it?  No, not really.  What?! That’s right.  smh

My husband was spending the day working on the vehicles, so I decided to finally get off my butt, took my camera out of the camera bag, and went out to join him.

These are just a few shots of me playing around.  I also rarely convert to B&W, so I thought this would be the perfect subject to do so.




This next one is in color, but for some kooky reason I really like it.  Besides the main door, our garage has two smaller doors.  He had them all open for air flow, and used my iron wall hanging as a gate to keep the dogs in the yard, and used his jack to hold it propped up.



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