RIP Sweet Baby


RIP to the most sweetest, loveable, kindest, gentlest dog there ever was.  Our sons dog Maximus went to the Rainbow Bridge Saturday night to wait for us with our other dogs Scout, Tyson, and Thor and his mommy.  He was way too young (he would have been 4 in October) and we are completely and utterly devestated.  He passed away from GDV (His stomach twisted and food wasn’t the issue – we know all about that), intestinal issues and possible splenic torsion. We were all there with him as he took his last breath.  😥

We had lost a German Shepherd to this about six years ago.  We think Tyson’s was due more to stress.  He was being boarded while we were on vacation.  The vet says that this is rare and can’t believe that it happened to a family twice.

This picture was taken a week or so ago. She was with the rest of them at my side waiting for me to give them a treat. He was always the best one! Whenever we got the leashes to go take a walk or a drive, the rest would be jumping all over the place. He would just be sitting, waiting for us to come to him to put his collar on… I have to stop before I start crying again…


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