Hiking to Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls from Glacier Gorge Trailhead, 1.7 RT, 200′ Elevation Gain, 2.06 Difficulty Level, 9,400′ Max Elevation

Just a week before, my sister-in-law and I had hiked past Alberta Falls on our way to Mills Lake.  I had also been to the Falls a couple of Winters ago.  (See Winter images here.)   It was a Winter Wonderland!  I’m always in awe at how one location can look different each time that you’re there.  Time of day and the different seasons are the reason – wow!

My mom is in town for three weeks, so we chose this hike for her.  It’s rated Easy, but it’s still uphill for someone who lives at sea level.  For someone with bad lungs too!








This trip I had my new hiking boots on.  Since it was an easy hike, I didn’t really get to try them out, so I decided to climb some boulders.  I climbed to the top of the falls.  So far so good!


The top of the falls.

The top of the falls.


Me looking down. There’s an old school photog down on the bottom left (upper right looking at the image).

On the way back down I captured my mom and brother.

On the way back down I captured my mom and brother.




When I had hiked to Mills Lake a week before, my sister-in-law and I had lunch on the River Walk in Estes Park.  We walked by an Indian food place called Nepal’s and I decided to take my mom and brother there after this hike.  It was pretty good, but as always, I could only eat two plate fulls.  They have a daily lunch special for $10.50 with the buffet.



Here are a couple of beautiful images from the Riverwalk:




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