Traffic Jam on I-70

When we left Silver Plume, we headed West on I-70.  We were heading to a little vacation in Snowmass Village.  Having left National Jewish Health after my check-up early for once, we figured we’d get to our destination before dark.  That didn’t happen.  We were stuck in stop and go traffic for 10 miles, and it took us almost 3 hours to clear it!  The road ended up being shut down to one lane because they were tarring the road.  We were in a 7 mile standstill BEFORE we got to the construction area.  The beautiful scenery made it bearable.  It was amusing to watch fellow travelers pulling off to the shoulder to drop trou to relieve themselves!  I was almost one of them.  I kept looking at the scenery, wondering if I could go up a hill and hide behind a tree.

I-70, traffic, construction, Colorado, westbound

I-70, traffic, construction, Colorado, westbound





The reason we picked Snowmass Village, was because it was closer to home for only a three day getaway.  We should have gotten there around 3pm.  Because of traffic, we didn’t arrive until 8:45pm!  You can see the rest of our trip here.


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