Denver – Part I: Colorado State Capitol

This is a Part I, and believe it or not, Mom is still “here” (Well, after my hike at Monarch Lake, we returned home and she was still in town – that was October.).  We had several more outings before she returned home towards the end of October.

The day after we returned from our 3-day getaway, we had a big family picnic at Gateway Natural Area.  Bushed was not the word for it!  I’d been gone from home for 5 days in all!

A couple days later I was trying to figure out where to take mom.  I decided on Denver.  I’d never been to the Colorado State Capitol, so we planned our day around that.

If you ever go, street parking is only an hour.  If you plan on going on the tour like we did, you will be SOL.  The man at the information desk recommended that I park across the street in a day parking lot.  He let me go out a back door and I ran to move my vehicle.  No pressure – the tour was starting in 10 minutes!  I grabbed my camera bag and approached the first pay box that I came to.  It was out-of-order.  Thankfully the second one worked!  Shortness of breath and all, I ran back to the building and had to go through security again.  I got back exactly when the tour was starting!

I went to grab my camera out of my bag.  Guess what?  I had my long lens with me!  I never got a chance to put my cameras into their “normal” bags after our 3-day trip. Camera photos it was!  The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has excellent resolution!



The free tour was two hours long.  It was well worth it.


Downstairs in the basement where we used the restrooms.






They actually depleted the supply of all of the Colorado Rose Onyx when constructing the Capitol.






General Assembly Room?



My husband and my brother used to refinish metal. It’s a hard job!

The House and the Senate were both getting restored, so we were unable to go inside.


House of Representatives


Taken from the anterior of the Senate Chambers.


Taken from an interior stairwell.



We’re heading to the dome!




We got to step outside to check out the view from up above.



Grass/greenery on the roof?




The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception



Our guide, who just happened to be the Sergeant-At-Arms for the House of Representatives.



I live in the town of Evans. Our town was named after this man. After lunch, we ended up going to tour his sons house.



This is the only place that we were not allowed to go – UP – to the very top exterior.

After the tour, we decided to walk around downtown to find a place to eat and to decide on another place to tour.  Stay tuned for Part II


2 thoughts on “Denver – Part I: Colorado State Capitol

  1. The only time I went on the tour was in 9th grade Civics class long ago. The photo you labeled as “General Assembly Room?” is actually the old state Supreme Court room. These days, either House or Senate committees will use the room when they know a hearing will draw heavy attendance by the public. The Colorado Supreme Court has their own building a few blocks away.

    It is very cool you were able to step outside of the Capitol Dome. It was in a state of disrepair for many, many years and was closed off.

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