Denver – Part II: Byers-Evans House

Wow!  Happy New Year to all!  I haven’t blogged in so long, I forgot where I left off.  The pics you see on Tues and Thurs are scheduled.  🙂

This is the same day as the Colorado State Capitol Tour.  My mom and I decided to walk everywhere, so we left my car parked in the paid parking lot.  We walked about a block to a restaurant that we had wanted to try on our last trip to town, but my brother won out on that trip.  And remember, I brought my long lens, so all images are taken with my cell phone.


YUM is all I can say!  We like to try different things, and boy did we ever!




After lunch, we had one more tour to do for the day.   We walked about a mile.  I had NEVER really walked around a city before, besides Chicago once.  Glad I had someone with me!  I know it’s stereotypical, but I would have been very nervous walking around by myself.  Cut me some slack though – remember, I’m a scardy cat.









Cool art work.




We arrived at the Byers-Evans House a few minutes before the last tour was starting.  They have a nice little gift shop that you can browse (or buy items).  What’s pretty neat is that the Evans part of the house is where we live – named after the owners father.  If you saw my previous post about the capitol, you may remember seeing a stained glass image of him.


Another AMAZING coincidence is that someone in the tour group was from the town where I grew up – in Illinois!  She went to my high school, but was several years younger.


The house was built in 1883 by the Byers.  One of Evans daughters lived in the house until her death in 1981.
























Interesting mirrors on the closet doors.













It’s funny that the images show up in a photograph, but in the actual room it was so dark you couldn’t see them – no flash!  My phone rocks!



I think this is pure copper. You’ll have to go on the tour to have it confirmed!




Old greeting cards.






It was the end of the tour, and I didn’t have time for the room to clear.  I wanted to make sure we had time to walk back to the car and drive back home before dark.



This was a fantastic tour!  Well worth the $ which was maybe $6.00 as of this post.

Mom is still in town (which was in October), so there will be a few more excursions before this series is over.


3 thoughts on “Denver – Part II: Byers-Evans House

  1. Another place you may want to visit is the Grant-Humphreys Mansion. It’s across the street from Boettcher Mansion (Governor’s mansion) on Pennsylvania St, a few blocks west of Cheesman Park and the Denver Botanic Garden, off of 8th Ave. The Grant-Humphrey’s mansion was used as the first governor’s mansion. I think they have tours, but is better known for hosting special events, weddings and receptions. I only know of the place when friends had their wedding reception there.

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