A Day of Fishing

So, when my mom was in town, we helped her cross a few things off her bucket list – NOT!  That was our joke with her.  We took her shooting, and then we took her fishing.  It was not her cup of tea, but she was just happy to be with us.

An Instagram friend of mine recommended a location a couple of towns away.  We decided to make a day of it, so we packed a picnic lunch.  Our party consisted of my mom, one of my sons and his girlfriend, and my niece.

We met up at Riverbend Ponds in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Even though it was a little warm, it was a beautiful October day.  We girls found a small patch of shade to sit and eat.


My mom and I took a little walk to check out a few of the ponds, while the others in the group fished.  These are just a few fun cell pics taken from the natural area.




Me and mom.






At first my son fished from the shore.  He wasn’t getting great results, so he figured that his boots were waterproof, so he waded in.  Yep.  He went a little too deep.

Between he and my niece, he caught 6 fish and she caught one.  It’s the time together that matters, not the size or amount.



And then we called it a day.


A fun time was had by all!  I’m confident that 2016 will bring many more family outings.

p.s.  Restrooms are located near the parking area!  🙂



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